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Capturing The Essence of Woodlands

If you are passionate about landscape photography, one of its elements that you will experience most of the time are trees and woodland. Without doubt one of the most difficult environments in which to work is woodland and during this workshop we will show how to become a master in this environment.

If you are pas­sion­ate about land­scape pho­tog­ra­phy, one of its ele­ments that you will expe­ri­ence most of the time are trees and wood­land. With­out doubt one of the most dif­fi­cult envi­ron­ments in which to work is wood­land and this is the rea­son why we have tai­lor made this an Advanced Work­shop. For years we have been vis­it­ing wood­land envi­ron­ments with our work­shops and seen the chal­lenges they present to pho­tog­ra­phers, and this is the work­shop that will over­come them. It seems a shame that one of the most cel­e­brat­ed envi­ron­ments and one that many of us love to be in, is a place that we avoid being with our cam­eras, and indeed, mak­ing pho­tographs of!

Pho­tographs of wood­land can trans­port the view­er in anoth­er place of peace and tran­quil­li­ty but mak­ing com­po­si­tions and tack­ling what is often regard­ed as chaot­ic is a skill in itself. The aim of these three days is to teach you the spe­cif­ic tech­niques of mak­ing beau­ti­ful por­traits of the wood­land envi­ron­ments so you will be able to explore fur­ther the many wood­land and for­est envi­ron­ments you may vis­it dur­ing your time out with your camera.

There are many ques­tions that we will explore dur­ing this mas­ter­class such as which lens­es to use, how to cope with the deep shad­ows and bright high­lights asso­ci­at­ed with wood­land, but most impor­tant­ly, how to dis­till the envi­ron­ment into beau­ti­ful, sim­ple com­po­si­tions that cap­ture the essence of the place with­out look­ing clut­tered and con­fus­ing in the fin­ished image. Cre­at­ing sim­plic­i­ty in a chaot­ic envi­ron­ment is the key and this is one of the skills using cer­tain lens­es and new ways of see­ing that we will be teach­ing you over the three days together.

"Because this is called an advanced workshop, do not be fooled into thinking you have to be an expert at woodland photography. We called it advanced because woodland will be the one genre of photography we want you to master during our time together and we will cover everything about it!"

Last­ly, pho­tograph­ing wood­land is an inspir­ing expe­ri­ence for us all but the real reward to a pho­tog­ra­ph­er is the fin­ished print. As with all our mas­ter­class­es we will be hold­ing in-depth image edit­ing and print­ing ses­sion so you can take home your own mas­ter­piece from your wood­land masterclass.

This is an advanced work­shop and for this rea­son the groups will be lim­it­ed to four pho­tog­ra­phers only so plen­ty of one to one time can be spent with everybody.

2 Days

A maximum of 4 photographers

The price includes extensive one to one coaching and tuition, a combination of teaching camera craft and visualization in the field and image assessments and post processing in a classroom setting.

We take a printer to the workshop and will post process and print some of your images to take home with you.

Camera and travel insurance as well as travel to and from the venue are also not included. Accommodation and meals. Alcoholic drinks and other personal expenditure is not covered either.

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Capturing The Essence of Woodlands